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How to Set Goals That Match Your Personality Type, by Lawrence J. Clark PhD

One of the problems that many authors and speakers have is setting and achieving our goals.  This could be as simple as completing the next chapter or article, or getting the next speaking gig, to planning out a series of articles or books or an entire speaking tour.

But whose goals are we trying to reach, anyway?  Are they the ones we have actually thought through and set for ourselves, based on our own strengths, skills, abilities, and core desires?  Or are they goals we “think” we should achieve based on old stories we’ve told ourselves (or have been told) by parents, siblings, teachers, etc.?

Watch the video below and discover how to tell the difference, and be equipped with the tools you need to understand your top strengths, your in-born personality type, and a free and easy way to create YOUR own personal mission statement!

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