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Lawrence J. Clark, Ph.D. has delivered hundreds of speeches, seminars, and workshops in the past thirty years, in a variety of venues, including businesses, civic groups, churches, libraries, public schools, universities, conventions and trade shows, community events, senior centers, and cruise ships.

He has also spent 20+ years teaching a variety of professional writing and communication, as well as creative writing and literature courses, at the university level, and also supports local community through his gifts and talents to help young people discover the value of reading and writing. Additionally, he shares his personal story of dropping out of high school, then returning to eventually earn a doctorate, with at-risk-teens in an effort to show them that it’s never too late to turn one’s life around.

Lawrence is the proud father of three kids and four cats, and husband of an amazingly talented and lovely wife. He enjoys spending his summers and vacations at the family’s mountain retreat in New Mexico, traveling across the U.S. and abroad delivering speeches, seminars, and workshops, performing his one-man show of poetry and songs, learning new recipes, and appearing as a guest enrichment lecturer on cruise ships.

Kristen Clark is an expert in developing and maintaining a confidence as a spiritual mindset, and she speaks frequently on this topic. Additionally, her articles have appeared in numerous online journals and magazines, while her inspirational short stories have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul.  When not writine or speaking, she successfully provides individual and group coaching sessions to help women improve confidence while taking their business to the next level.

Kristen also has over 20 years of experience working in both Small Business and Corporate America, and a wealth of practical business knowledge. She has successfully held positions in Sales, Management, Strategy & Planning, and Marketing, and is currently Manager of Executive Communication and Employee Engagement for a Fortune 50 Technology company.

Trying times have shown Kristen the value of proactively managing her own career and she has effectively navigated work-force reductions, corporate downsizing, frequent reorganizations, and painful job reshuffling as a result of challenging market and economic conditions. She credits her ability to move onward and upward to her positive attitude and confidence.

Kristen is a master at:

  • Creating a need to listen and learn
  • Enabling people to resolve their own problems
  • Challenging participants to exceed higher goals
  • Broadening solution options for personal obstacles

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